Butina Café & Prosa

Visual identity
Table Matts
Cafeteria Visual Communication

Do you know that memory of gone times when days passed by slowly, the meeting with friends and family was at a large table with delicacies and cakes made by grandmother?
Then, imagine all of that happening in Santo Amaro. It all begins with the farms and then the settlers who landed in the region. They used to wear yellow boots and were responsible for the development of the neighborhood. The highlights are, the Casa de Cultura, the Cathedral, the famous tram and the imposing Borba Gato.
All that memory was materialized in a cozy setting with grandmother's pastries, coffees, and other delicacies at Butina Café & Prosa.
InfinitumComm was accountable for creating all the cafeteria environment in a conceptual environment which includes a broad range of services applied, such as naming, brand, visual identity, decoration, support materials, website development and, social networks management, precisely to commemorate each moment.
After its opening "the result is extraordinary", according to one of the partners, since many people who lived in that period are gathering at Butina Café & Prosa, people who have not seen each other for years or only spoke to each other on social networks.

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