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The Physis Institute is an NGO that pursues to understand the value of nature conservation and socio-cultural diversity, prioritizing the individual's awareness of the importance of their role in building a different world, both in the society-nature relationship and in that of individuals among themselves.
The word Physis emerged in ancient Greece and denominates what germinates, opens, emerges by itself. Sky and earth, stones, plants, animals, humans, and gods belong to the Physis. There is no separation between human, nature, divine, culture and environment.
Physis main objective is to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society by strengthening and promoting democracy, justice, equity, education, culture, and the environment. So that its mission is to bring technical, scientific, and traditional knowledge closer to social demands, promoting governance among the different actors in society (companies, governments, civil society organizations, academia, leaders, and social movements).
Based on this description, Physis Institute hired InfinitumComm to restore its brand and website, within current language and communication models.

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